What’s On The Cards?

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CRAFT: What’s on the Cards?

Despite being a haven for travel enthusiasts across the world, it is often rumoured that a visit to Japan means facing a difficult language barrier. In reality, Japan’s famous hospitality, or ‘omotenashi’, means visitors will never struggle to settle in. But for those keen to learn the language for a trip to Japan, there’s Hai! Hiragana.

Specialising in travel, culture and language, designer Charlotte Martin has devised a unique method for learning Japanese with her illustrated flash cards. Hai! Hiragana works by turning Hiragana, one of Japan’s three systems of writing, into creative illustrations of familiar and useful words – ‘り(Ri) is for Ringo’ (Apple!)

The cards show the Hiragana symbol and a memorable illustration on their front, whereas the back features the English name for the symbol. Pairing this with a mnemonic phrase and pronunciation tips means visitors can quickly and easily pick up Japanese if they want to impress the locals next time they find themselves exploring the country.

And, after such high demand for Hai! Hiragana, new cards have launched to give fans tips and tricks on mastering Japanese Katakana – another suitcase essential for any traveller bound for Japan.

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