What Makes A Seat Japanese?

CRAFT: What Makes A Seat Japanese?

With Japan’s famous hospitality being the fabric of ANA, the country’s largest 5-Star airline has launched new Business Class and First Class seats offering a uniquely Japanese flying experience unlike anything else in the sky. But what exactly makes a plane seat Japanese?

Inspired by Japanese heritage and modern multifunctional living, and designed by famed architect Kengo Kuma, the new seats have been crafted with Japan’s meticulous attention to detail and reflect the true culture of Japan – with three different wood finishes inspired by ‘Yosegi Zaiku’, the Japanese tradition of parquetry that dates back to the nation’s Edo Period. The flexibility of the seats also takes inspiration from the cultural tradition of ‘ima’, translated from Japanese to mean ‘space to stay’.

The new luxury cabins are each complete with a private door, large 4K monitor and specially crafted dining facilities. ‘THE Room’ also now offers double the seat width compared to previous Business Class seats, creating unrivalled space in harmony with ANA’s award winning 5-Star service – connecting you in comfort to over 50 destinations across Japan and beyond.

Already flying on the direct daily London–Tokyo route, the newly redesigned aircraft are soon to be introduced to even more European and North American routes.

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