Traditional Japanese craft at the Niwa Futon Store

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CRAFT: Traditional Japanese Craft at The Niwa Futon Store

Based in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, The Niwa Futon store believes there are some things that can be modified according to the times and others that should never change. The traditional techniques used here were inherited from the store’s founder back in the Meiji era over 150 years ago and have been passed down through the generations ever since. Due to this, the store hasn’t changed since it was founded and neither has the traditional crafting techniques used to create the products.

With a store and workshop in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, the cotton-making family business was first started by Chushichi, who died in 1874. In 1958, the retail business opened its doors as “Niwa Futon Store”. The knowledge and skills acquired from Chushichi – from “cotton making” to “futon making” – are traditional techniques that the store still uses now, and their focus on blending different types of cottons together is unique to them. The current owner is the fifth generation to run the store and they now produce not only futons but also pillows and sofas that utilize futon technology.


Image: Mina Imai

High-quality shape, style and functionality, Niwa Futon Store’s futons ensure a good night’s sleep. The mattress is made by stacking multiple layers of cotton of varying hardness. A firm cotton is used which does not lose its springiness even if strong pressure is applied. You can easily grow accustomed to the gentle touch, but in combination with the resilient hardness maintained by the carefully blended cottons, you’re guaranteed a comfortable feeling of stability.


Image: Takahisa Suzuki (16 Design Institute)

The Japanese cushion has a delicate shape unique to handcrafting which provides comfort with an aesthetic beauty. Using the same techniques as futon-making, the craftsmen begin by selecting a unique blend of carefully selected cotton materials. The finished product is a beautifully shaped cushion that is extremely comfortable to sit on.  The cushions do not lose their shape easily, and their beauty and comfort is long-lasting.


Image: Takuya Niwa

KYO-SOKU is a relaxation tool that easily blends with modern life and makes use of futon-making techniques. The firm feel of the buckwheat husks gently wrapped in cotton provides support for your body as an armrest and backrest on the sofa, or even on the floor.

丹羽ふとん店 https://niwafuton.com/

Niwa Futon https://niwafuton.com/en/

Header image: Takahisa Suzuki (16 Design Institute)

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