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FOOD: Top 10 Instagrammers; Foodie Feeds

Japan is awash with photogenic food. From lovingly crafted bento boxes to sushi that looks too-good-to-eat, check out our top 10 mouth-watering insta-feeds.

1. @nzngram

How many ways can you serve a ball of rice? Well if you’re onigiri master Nin, hundreds. Creating infinite edible characters from traditional onigiri rice balls, @nzngram is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


2. @chiestylee

For baguettes more beautiful than any Parisian boulangerie, @chiestylee is a tantalising window into the freshly baked world of Kyoto dough-gurus CHIPPRUSON.


3. @tastemade_japan

The Japan-centric arm of addictive foodie feed Tastemade, @tastemade_japan guarantees endless hours trawling weird and wonderful do-it-yourself recipe videos.

4. @asu_chin

With sausages, sushi and strawberries sharing the same immaculately styled plate, @asu_chin is the ultimate insta-feed for bizarrely beautiful culinary mash-ups.


5. @maaaarukoo

For next-level bento inspiration, look no further. Insta-star Maruko’s endless bento variations are so popular, she’s even published a cookbook.


6. @tami_73

Bento, basketball and bulldogs. Tami-san’s life is just as photogenic as her colourful Japanese-style plates – you’ll be left longing for an dinner invitation.


7. @tastyjapan

From @buzzfeedtasty by way of Japan, @tastyjapan features endless easy-to-follow recipe videos for those who’ve ever wondered ‘how to’..

A post shared by Tasty Japan (@tastyjapan) on Aug 10, 2017 at 1:01am PDT

8. Kokoronotane

As beautiful as it is good for you, natural food devotee Yasuyo serves up a daily dose of health food via her hugely popular feed, @kokoronotane.


9. @a.jina

Any mum stuck for lunchbox inspiration should check out @a.jinja. With two small children to feed, working mum Ayu is never short of ideas when it comes to her creative snacks.


10. @heavenly_cake

Perfectly proportioned miniature treats. Need we say more?

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