The Magical World Of Teamlab

CRAFT: The Magical World of teamLab

With an interdisciplinary team of artists and scientists, Tokyo-based digital collective teamLab create some of the world’s most exciting immersive artworks. Having exhibited across Japan and around the world, 2018 saw the installation of teamLab’s first permanent exhibition – the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Borderless.

Filling a whopping 10,000sqm, Tokyo’s first immersive museum is true to its name, pushing the boundaries of art and technology with interactive exhibitions guaranteed to leave your head spinning. Using 520 computers and 470 projectors, teamLab have built an interactive world that stimulates all five senses and encourages visitors to engage their imagination. With no maps, guides or signs, participants are encouraged to let their curiosity lead the way – to explore, discover, touch and play. A mind-blowing 50 exhibits across five sections wait to be discovered, and in keeping with the ‘borderless’ theme, they don’t stay put. Morphing and moving between exhibition spaces, and reacting organically to audience participation, no two visits will ever be the same.

Dive right in on your next trip to Tokyo, but be sure to book in advance and read TimeOut’s in-depth review for a taste of what to expect.

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