Okinawa A Feast For The Eyes Floating

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DISCOVER: Okinawa; a Feast for the Eyes

Floating 400 miles south of mainland Japan surrounded by warm turquoise waters, Okinawa is a veritable island paradise and one of northeast Asia’s best kept secrets. A short flight from bustling Tokyo, Okinawa offers a breath of fresh, tropical air to visitors to Japan, and the chance to discover the island’s vibrant local culture. 

Bursting with colour, Okinawa’s palm tree fringed beaches and abundant market stalls piled high with freshly caught seafood are a feast for the senses. Food writer Michael Raffael travelled to Okinawa on behalf of ANA to delve into the island’s rich food culture, and discover what magic lies in the diet that nourishes one of the world’s longest living populations. Click here for Raffael’s full Food and Travel review.

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