Takano Chikko

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DISCOVER: Made in Japan – Takano Chikko

In the district of Nagaokakyo, not far from Arashiyama’s famous bamboo forests on the western fringes of Kyoto, Takano Chikko Co., ltd have been crafting beautiful objects from local bamboo for generations. Working from a small workshop in an area famed for high-quality bamboo, Takano Chikko’s skilled team of artisans carve sustainably produced homewares designed to be treasured.

Not only involved in working the wood, Takano Chikko also grow, log and dry the bamboo before setting to work carving – a labour-intensive process that spans many years from seed to plant to product. Sustainability is also at the heart of Takano Chikko’s methods of production, working closely with the local community to farm the wood, and striving to reuse existing materials – for example, those discarded during the renovation of local temples.

Takano Chikko products can be found in Kyoto, at retailers Takamura and Bamtera

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