Made In Japan

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CRAFT: Made in Japan

NPO MADE IN JAPAN PROJECT is an organisation that champions Japanese craftsmanship, bringing together a community of producers, designers, artisans, creators and consumers to interact directly with those that love Japan and all it has to offer.

Appearing as Crafting Japan at London Craft Week, the non-profit project began participating in the event to bring those outside of Japan face-to-face with the nation’s famous attention to craft. Seeking to develop Japan’s pride in craftsmanship outside of the island nation, NPO MADE IN JAPAN PROJECT works with locals from all corners of Japan to spread materials, techniques and a love of all things crafty.

At 2019’s Craft Week, Crafting Japan collaborated with the Creation of Japan, exhibiting work by creators hailing from all across Japan, including Niwa Futon of Aichi, Shizu Cutlery of Gifu, Gyokusendo of Niigata, Takano Chikko of Kyoto, Seki Bikodo of Fukushima and Waporter of Ibaraki.

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