Made in Japan — HIROCOLEDGE

Made in Japan: Hirocoledge

From her studio in Sumida, Tokyo, contemporary artist Takahashi Hiroko reinvents Japanese textile traditions using bold monochrome prints. Using only the most basic graphic elements, circles and lines, Hiroko creates ‘wearable art’ – hand-weaving and printing fabrics to be sewn into kimono, obi and yukata – traditional Japanese clothing as you’ve never seen it before.

Fusing fashion and art, Hiroko’s brand Hirocoledge works to innovate the kimono –  one of Japan’s most historic and emblematic traditions. Collaborating with master dyers and weavers across the country, Hiroko has built a brand that is unique, progressive and instantly recognisable. Hirocoledge is not only helping to preserve some of Japan’s most ancient craft techniques, but is also shining a light on one of the world’s original sustainable garments – long-lasting, versatile and cut from a single length of straight fabric – zero-waste.

Shop via the Hirocoledge website, where alongside kimono that you’ll likely have to save up for, you’ll find more affordable homewares and accessories.

Images: Takahashi Hiroko

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