Japan’s Contemporary Crafts: Lisn Incense 

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CRAFT: Japan’s Contemporary Crafts: Lisn Incense 

Anyone who’s smelt Japanese incense will know it’s a world apart from the heady scent of hippy shops. With delicate, complex fragrances more akin to perfume, Japanese incense is widely recognised as the best in the world, and for the ideal introduction, look no further than Lisn.

A speciality branch of Shoyeido, Japan’s renowned 300-year-old incense company, Lisn fuse ancient techniques with contemporary design and fresh, modern fragrances. Aimed at those unfamiliar with traditional incense culture (known as koh in Japan), each delicate stick is crafted with modern consumers and homes, rather than temples, in mind. Fresh florals and fruit scents replace heavier, traditional fragrances. Poetic names are embossed on each stick and bright colours create an irresistible candy-shop appeal.

Feast your senses at Lisn’s wonderfully serene flagship boutique in Kyoto. With over 150 scents to explore and a plethora of beautifully packaged gift boxes, we defy you to leave empty-handed.

Lisn Kyoto; COCON KARASUMA, 1F Shijo Karasuma Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

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