Japan’s Contemporary Crafts

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CRAFT: Japan’s Contemporary Crafts: Kira Karacho

Modernising without compromising on quality of craftsmanship, many of Japan’s best loved heritage brands are reinventing their product with today’s consumer in mind. Creating contemporary versions of traditional items, companies such as Kyoto’s Kira Karacho are helping preserve some of Japan’s oldest crafts.

Dating back to the Edo period, Kira Karacho is Japan’s longest-standing karakami, or decorative paper, atelier. Originally creating hand-printed wallpaper and sliding door paintings for prestigious customers, today Kira Karacho apply their signature patterns to contemporary lifestyle product using original woodblocks handed down through generations.

From stationary to accessories, ceramics and even i-phone cases, if you find yourself in Kyoto make sure you swing by their flagship store in the COCON KARASUMA building.

Kira Karacho Kyoto; COCON KARASUMA, 620 Suiginya-chō, Karasuma-dōri, Shijō-sagaru, Kyoto

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