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DISCOVER: Ikigai, a Japanese philosophy worth living by

Move over Hygge, make way for ‘ikigai’ – Japan’s formula for happiness and the latest lifestyle buzzword making waves in the West.

Roughly translating as “thing that you live for” ikigai is a Japanese philosophy identifying our individual reason for being – our purpose, our reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Each person’s ikigai is individual to them and tied up in their values, passions, skills and ambitions – it’s not about finding our fast-track to material wealth, but identifying the sweet spot between passion and profession that will ultimately lead to happiness.

Sound good? Read on for a brief guide to finding your ikigai.

Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four key elements: what you love (your passion), what the world needs (your mission), what you are good at (your vocation) and what you get paid for (your profession). Said to bring fulfilment, happiness and even a longer life, identifying the magic point where these four overlap is well worth the effort.

Grab a pen and paper and use this diagram to kick-start your soul-searching, or to dig deeper and discover more about the philosophy, pick up Hector Garcia’s international bestseller Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.

Image: Lavendaire.com

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