Hidden Tokyo

DISCOVER: Hidden Tokyo; Tomigaya

Tucked-away behind Tokyo’s busiest intersection, an unassuming neighbourhood has become a go to destination for those in the know.

Almost every visitor passing through Tokyo makes their way to Shibuya’s famous crossing. But look beyond the warren of noisy, neon-lit streets and you’ll find Tomigaya – a breath of fresh air and a taste of Tokyo as the locals see it. For those willing to walk a little further, ‘Oku-Shibuya’, or ‘behind Shibuya’, is a network of sleepy streets, where long standing locals rub shoulders with some of the city’s most creative businesses. Venture off the well-worn track and you’ll discover Tokyo’s only home-made cheese, sashimi perfected over three generations, Scandi-inspired cocktails and sandwiches crafted by a sushi chef.

Endlessly rich and ever-evolving, Tokyo truly comes alive for those willing to scratch beneath the surface. Made in collaboration with CNN.

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