Fine Dining Above The Clouds

FOOD: Fine Dining Above the Clouds

Good food is something that is universal to everyone, bringing people of different nationalities, cultures, and languages together.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first London-Tokyo flight, ANA has collaborated with sushi master Shinya Ikeda, head chef of London’s prestigious Japanese restaurant Yashin Ocean House, to create a new luxury in-flight meal for Business Class. After working closely with Yashin, Japan’s largest 5-Star airline reached out to the restaurant’s chefs to collaborate on the specially curated meal, bringing fine dining to new altitudes at 10,000ft in the air.

ANA prides itself on its in-flight catering, giving guests the true taste of Japan before they’ve even landed. This is a testament to ANA’s purpose, connecting different people from across the world and bringing them together through a love of Japan’s unique culture.

For more information please visit our in-flight services page.

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