Diver’s Paradise

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NATURE: Diver’s paradise

From ice diving in the cold waters of Hokkaido to tropical reef dives in Okinawa, for dive enthusiasts, the sheer variety on offer in Japan is unparalleled.

A scuba-diver’s paradise, the seas surrounding Japan’s 3000km archipelago are home to an abundance of marine life. King crabs prowl the depths of the north, schools of hammerheads patrol the waters off the mainland and a myriad of colourful fish circle Japan’s warm southern reefs. There are sunken wrecks for history buffs, underwater ruins for deep-sea explorers and volcanic cave diving for true submarine adventurers.

Tap into scuba diving’s best kept secret with ANA’s pick of Japan’s top five dive sites:

1) Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido: For adventurers

2) Izu Peninsula & Islands,
Shizuoka: For Tokyo day-trippers

3) Yonaguni Island: For deep-sea explorers

4) Ogasawara Islands: For budding zoologists

5) Kerama Islands, Okinawa: For picture-perfect reefs

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