Azuma Makoto’s botanical sculptures

CRAFT: Azuma Makoto’s Botanical Sculptures

Taking the art of ikebana to dizzying heights, the work of flower artist Azuma Makoto has to be seen to be believed. A pioneer in the field of botanical sculpture, Makoto’s ‘living art’ investigates the life-cycle of flowers, from the moment of planting to decomposition. Drawing on the Japanese concept of mono no aware, loosely translating as ‘attraction to things that fade’, Makoto’s sculptures encourage gratitude for the present by highlighting the impermanence of everything around us.


Since first opening his Tokyo-based studio JARDINS des FLEURS in 2002, Makoto has developed his practice from keen florist to fully fledged botanical artist. His unique approach concentrates on the well-being of flowers, treating his plants with respect and devotion. Today JARDIN des FLEURS is less studio and more plant laboratory, where the light, humidity, temperature and even the volume of the music are optimised with the intent of looking after the well-being of the flowers.

Awe-inspiring and intricately elaborate, Makoto’s experimental works include massive frozen floral compositions, setting flowers adrift in the ocean, sending them 2000m under water and even into space. Look out for his work in museums, art galleries and public spaces around the world.

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