At Trunk House

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WELLNESS: At Trunk House, Tokyo

If you’re in search of Tokyo’s hippest bed for the night, look no further than Trunk House. Newly opened in Kagurazaka district, Trunk House is a one-of-a-kind rentable townhouse, brought to us by the innovative team behind Trunk Hotel in Shibuya.

Working with local design studio Tripster, Trunk House was inspired by the salons of old Tokyo, where creative minds would congregate to share ideas and foster new communities. Providing an inspiring space to accommodate modern creatives, the team at Trunk have lovingly converted a 70-year-old former Geisha house into a design-led one-bedroom hotel. Celebrating Japanese design both ancient and modern, pared-back interiors form the backdrop to the house, disrupted only by a hidden miniature nightclub – complete with a curved bar, disco ball and karaoke machine. But if it’s meditation, not music, you need to get the creative juices flowing, a serene tea ceremony room on the first floor offers the perfect place to unwind – aided by the house’s private chef and attendant, who are naturally trained in the ancient art of tea ceremony.

Head to Trunk House website to book your stay, though be warned – this level of luxury doesn’t come cheap.

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